Fatama Tuj Zohora

Born and Bred in Bangladesh. I have a huge passion for writing.
Currently studying Anthropology and working as a freelance writer.
Want to become a successful writer, see the world and know more about humankind.

Solving 7 Blogging Problems with 7 Tools

Solving 7 Blogging Problems with 7 Tools Blogging is not easy, it may seem that you can quickly gather your thought and just put them in the digital wall. It is not like that and you will understand that if you have a blog or preparing to create a blog or have written blog posts for someone else. From thinking and finalizing the concept and the title of your blog post and to find right keywords, have one or two visual content or images, proofread; it is a lot of work. But with right tools and good knowledge of those tools, you can make your work whole lot easier. Especially new bloggers face a lot of difficulties and they loose a lot of time. So, I gathered up 7 basic problems bloggers are facing or will face and rounded up their solutions with 7 essential must have tools.

10 most helpful tips for new freelance writers-guest post

10 most helpful tips for new freelance writers Yes. Gene Fowler is right. I wish all clients or customer read this before hiring a freelance writer. Writing is no piece of cake but not a mysterious and has to run through blood thing. It is the matter of a lot of imaginations, talking in your own head a lot and knowledge of life is what makes one a true writer. But writers do need to eat and what better way to utilize a hobby is by making money out of it. Though some people who can only know couple of English words has taken up a big part of the field of freelance writing but as I believe true talent and hard work always stand out.

Untitled Unmastered- short description

“Untitled Unmastered”- most spectacular contrast of different style of music dazzling under the same roof American’s hip hop recording artist Kendrick Lamar’s “Untitled Unmastered” was released on March 4, 2016 by Top Dawg Entertainment, Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment. This album has eight demo songs that was not used in the Lamar’s “pimp a Butterfly”-2015 album. So the songs came into being during the creation of Pimp a Butterfly. But did not see spotlight until at the 2016 Grammy Awards, three of those eight tracks were performed on a late night talk shows, but the studio version was not released, as Lamar never intended to release it.

Press release

888 Launches It’s the Beta Version of Browser Based CAD Software Place, date, PR website- 888 is an online browser based 3D modeling, sculpting and slicing application. 888 is launching its beta version. This means a significant step towards the revolutionizing modern 3D industry as well as providing an easily accessible tool at masses’ disposal. 888’s is dedicated to reach to 3D designers and engineers as well as to hobbyist and children who have no expertise in CAD software. One of the greatest achievements of 888, this browser based application is its simplicity and a low entry barrier.

Socially-Conscious Food Companies

Socially-Conscious Food Companies In today’s world, where consumerism has taken place largely over every possible sector of life, finding socially-conscious food companies are both amazing and inspiring. Consumerism, the powerful ideology that frames peoples viewpoint to compare values and profits. In this busy and costly world, a food company who cares for the earth, people, animals, and environment lightens up like a hope for humanity. What is it? Socially conscious food companies decide to consider the greater good alongside with profit in setting up their business priorities.

Stock bar in 100$

Stock up your bar in 100$ Broke? Need have stocked bar? Want throw a nice party but do not want to spend a fortune? Nice cocktail party, but low budget? Well, these question will b answered. You can stock up your bar and not spend a fortune. Yes 100$ will be enough to have a stocked bar. In a low budget like this one has to plan carefully. Only buying cheap alcohol will not suffice but a well planned and good eye for details will take you there. Stocking bar will be hard as there are some limiting factors, like

What is the perfect gift for a middle

What is the perfect gift for a middle aged man? Giving and receiving gift is and will be always a part of a culture and a society. And gift needs to have a message to tell because when you are giving a gift to someone, it has to meaningful. Otherwise, you are just doing what is needed to be done and that can hurt someone very badly. Now when it comes to choosing the gift, you have to think of many things regarding the receiver. How old age is he/she? Does she/he need it? Will he mind if I give this and that? Am I sending any wrong messages through this gift? But if you are buying for a kid you can simply buy any latest kid toy, bag or accessories, and they will be happier than ever.